Herpes Cure – My Experience

17 Mar

My herpes cure experience. In this short video, I give a brief introduction to my own personal experience with oral herpes and how to get rid of herpes naturally. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and ask and I’d be glad to answer.

– Jerry


Natural Herpes Cure – How to Get Rid of Herpes Permanently

10 Feb

It’s common for people to believe that once you have herpes, it’s with you forever. There’s no cure for herpes. There is so much negativity spread by the pharmaceutical and health care industry and we are all led to believe there’s no hope for a cure. It’s all about money for them. Initially, when I first had oral herpes years ago this is what I thought and believed, but the reality is, it’s far from the truth. Herpes is not with you forever once you have it, it can be eliminated from your body, it can be treated, and it indeed can be cured.

I tried countless natural remedies for herpes, from oregano oil, colloidal silver, cat’s claw extract, lysine, as well as Chinese and Ayurvedic remedies, and while some of them helped to reduce the duration of breakouts and make them less painful, I still had the virus in my system. 6 months ago while trying to find a herpes cure I stumbled upon Sarah Wilcox’s website while doing further research on other remedies I could try, and sure enough I was sucked in and ended up paying the $37 fee for her “Get Rid Of Herpes” eBook.

There are two methods of treatment in the book, the first is for eliminating the virus from the body and the second is for treating and getting rid of existing sores on the body. First method of treatment will cost about $20-$25 for a months supply and can be bought from amazon or eBay. Second method of treatment will cost about $4-$5 and can be bought from health food stores. After 31 days you will need to get blood work done to see if the virus has been eliminated from your body. If the test comes up positive, you will need to stay on the maintenance dose for another month before going for another test.

I completed Sarah Wilcox’s “Get Rid Of Herpes protocol and went in for a blood test and it confirmed that I no longer had the virus in my system as the test came up negative. I was happy, but at the same time, sceptical about whether or not this would be permanent. I went in for a blood test 3 months later and my test came up negative again. It has now been 8 months since I’ve completed the protocol and now I am confident that my oral herpes has been cured. Not only do my tests come up negative, but I also feel healthy. I feel normal again, and a general sense of well-being that I haven’t felt in years.

For anyone out there who is struggling with herpes, whether it be genital or oral herpes, I highly recommend reading Sarah Wilcox’s eBook, “Get Rid of Herpes”. For now, just try to keep your head up and stay strong, have faith and believe that things can and will get better, and don’t be afraid to open up to family/friends for emotional support. If you need someone to talk to about herpes, or just moral/emotional support, you can email me at jerrymurs@gmail.com

You can download Sarah Wilcox’s “Get Rid of Herpes” eBook below:

Download Sarah Wilcox’s “Get Rid of Herpes” eBook (latest version)